Knowing Your Users

Learn how organizations are using Dropbox Business to keep users secure.

Collaboration Assessment

Find out how to control user access from other companies.

A World of Insights

Get a robust report seeing where your documents are shared world-wide.

The Positive Results and Dropbox Advantage
Company Report

Sample Detailed Security Report

Your company's personalized Usage Assessment report is made available to you via the Dropbox and Positive Results Elite partnership.

The goal of the Usage Assessment is to help your company gain visibility and valuable insights into how your employees use their Dropbox accounts registered with your company domain.

User Counts

Knowing Your Users

Data security starts with knowing who has access to your data inside and outside the organization.

In this sample report, 95% of all users are unmanaged by the enterprise. Unmanaged users are free accounts which cannot be controlled by your organization.

With Today's security concerns, can your business afford to have unmanaged users?

Dropbox Personal and Business Users
Data Usage in Dropbox
Data Access

Sharing Data with Peace of Mind

You can't manage what you don't know!

65% of this sample company's data is visible by multiple people.

It's important for your enterprise to know what data is being shared and with whom.

Furthermore, in this example, the company's data has grown by 13% this year alone. With more data, comes a greater need to control who has access to the information.

Collaboration Assessment

Power of Cloud Based Document Storage

Dropbox Business gives you the control over your company's unmanaged data. In this example, the company is sharing data with 725 domains outside their business.

With properly built analytics, Positive Results can assist your company with external collaboration by providing tighter security.

Dropbox Sharing
Dropbox visualizing where data is shared geographically
Security Analysis

A World of Connections

Gain visual insights into where your data is being accessed.

Your personalized assessment will show you precisely the regions of the United States and around the world where data on your systems is being access.

Every company needs the peace of mind knowing that their data is protected from unwanted access.

A Message From Our CEO

The Value of a Reseller

Positive Results provides you the proper guidance and technical know-how to develop and implement a security plan to manage your data on Dropbox.

"Positive Results helped our organization make the right document management selection, performed an on-time implementation, developed a security plan which we were badly missing, and migrated our data from on-premise into the cloud.

We tried going direct with the provider, but after meeting with Positive Results we got the best of both worlds. The provider we wanted and the partner with the expertise to get the job done."

G. Keh
TWI Group